MUE Group is experienced in delivering high-quality engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry. We offer FEED, PMC services, turn-key EPC solutions, and engineering consultancy services to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

Our team utilizes the latest technology and best engineering practices to deliver projects on time and within budget, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner in the industry, though MUE was established during 1991 but its key people experience runs back to 1967.

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I. Baiji refinery rehabilitation & tank farm construction in the after-math of 1991 War.

II. IT2 pumps station (on the Iraqi-Turkish line) rehabilitation.
III. Fao exporting manifold redesign to enable exports from Fao peninsula.
IV. Al-Dora refinery rehabilitation & tank farm construction in the aftermath of the 1991 War
V . Owner Engineer for Construction & later in time Rehabilitation of Desorber Process Units (250,000 B/D capacity). Main Contractor Foster Wheeler.
VI. Jambur/Bai Hassan oil field Design and Construction of the Degassing Station.
VII. K1 Pump station rehabilitation (total capacity 1.4 Million B/D), and tank farm rehabilitation.
VIII. Manufacturing of different sizes of steel tanks and for different uses (crude oil, different fuels, water…etc). Construction of tanks and commissioning.
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