I. Procurement and Supply Services

MUE Group provides technical procurement services to help clients obtain the systems and equipment they need for their projects. Our team works closely with clients to research and design the required systems, ensuring that they meet project specifications and are of the highest quality. We then procure and supply the systems, providing end-to-end support to simplify the procurement process for our clients. With our extensive network of suppliers, vendors and manufacturers, we are able to offer competitive pricing and timely delivery of systems and equipment. Whether clients need systems for power generation, oil and gas production, or other industrial applications, with the on going supply chain difficulties MUE worked alternates in origins and routes to alleviate such difficulties.

Projects Highlights

a. Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 10 Mobile Substations (132/33) kV/31.5 MVA with spare parts for Diyala and Salah Al-Din in Iraq financed by the World Bank (2016-2017)…Read More

b . Al-Alam Emergency Mobile Substation Design, Manufacture & supply of trailer mounted 33/11.5 kV mobile substation 1X16 in Tikrit along with necessary fittings and spare parts for 5 years in addition to installation testing commissioning and putting into use for Salahdeen Electricity Directorate, Iraq – January 2016

II. Training And Capacity Building

Providing O&M Training & Capacity Building in Electrical, Mechanical, civil and Control & instrumentation fields for several clients, through various methodologies…Read More


a. Soda Ash Plant:
      1. Basic and detail engineering design for 30-T/day capacity soda ash plant, the solvy method was used. The contract included the preparation of the tender documents for supply and construction bidders.Engineering activities included all disciplines requested to complete the job (mechanical, piping, firefighting system, equipment data sheets, tanks detail design, piping isometrics), (chemists and chemical engineers basic design P&ID, PFD, mass transfer, heat balance, sizing of main equipment), electrical engineering power distribution, cable sizing, routing, & controls & civil engineering designs. (1995)
      Client: UAE and Jordanian Company
b. Date Syrup Plant:
    1. A contract was won by the company to design, manufacture, install and operate 8 ton/day date syrup plant it was and still the only factory in Iraq to use vacuum concentration method which resulted in maintaining complete nutritional value, special texture and honey like color syrup.
      Client: Al-Fayhaa Company Project operated since 1994 & still in operation until date.
c. Caustic Soda Plant:
      1. Complete detail design of unit 58, which is part of the central refinery of Iraq, capacity 10 ton/day. (1996-1997) Client: Ministry of Oil & Ministry of Industry and Minerals
d. Liquid Sugar Plant:
        1. Basic and detail design for pilot plant and 5 ton/day plant. Liquid sugar is extracted from dates. Pilot plant operative since 1996.
e. Dies for Refrigerators and Cookers Parts:
        1. (45) Dies for the mass production of different parts of refrigerators and cookers which are manufactured in Iraq. These parts were designed and manufacturing was supervised by our engineers. (1997-1998)
          Client: Ministry of Industry and Minerals.
f. Equipment Installation and MTCE Background:
          1. Medical/Nuclear equipment and lab equipment, Analytical apparatuses. Metallurgy lab equipment. Special equipment (such as Gama cells, pharmaceutical kit production equipment) installation and MTCE
IV. R&D Activities

I. Initiating a bearing plate material for Volkswagen for the then next generation of vehicle engines:
          1. The requested material had to be of powder metallurgy (P/M) and it had to meet the following criteria: The new cylinder pressure of 3000 bar, High tensile strength, Reproducibility within (2%). During July 2,000 our specimens tested at TÜV in Germany revealed the highest results. Among the competitors were German and other European firms. 12 sets were manufactured for testing in ICE test laboratory.
II. Designing and Manufacturing a 1 KW (Solid State) AM transmitter prototype
      1. The prototype tests were successful to the full designed specifications. On December 1999, the group received a letter of intent from the Ministry of Culture and Information – Iraq, expressing its willingness to contract for total quantity of 100 units of the transmitter.
III. Adapting cooling system design to incorporate Nano-based cooling fluids.
    The group has already succeeded in identifying criteria for redesign of regular cooling circuits to adapt using Nano Based liquid & a lab scale loop tested successfully. The European Union Nano HEX project is working on producing Nano Based Cooling fluid in commercial quantities, once Nano Hex succeeds MUE will be marketing its new cooling circuits adaptable designs which promises a significant increase in cooling systems efficiency upon implementation, thereby saving important energy margin lost due to the usage of ordinary cooling fluids specifically during hot weather
IV. System on Module (SOM)
    MUE Provided the technical assistance and development to select/optimize the proper SOM required by clients for their control systems used in power plants and substations. And assisted the client in designing personalized (not available off the shelf) SOM based on their system requirements and international markets The (SOM) System on module is a tiny PCB board which has CPU, Flash, RAM, Power Supply, and IOs (GPIOS, USB, Can, UART, SPI, I2C, etc.) which can be used to reduce the complexity of industrial requirements besides giving the user small size of overall system. SOMs runs an OS and mainly used in the applications where Ethernet, high resolution display, file systems, USB, Internet, etc. is required and application demand high computing but want to keep development effort low.
V. Turbine Blades
      1. MUE researched a case of reverse engineering of a gas turbine blade, the original request was for reverse engineering the original to have an exact replica in all parameters , work was accomplished right from profiling the blade using latest laser apparatus through material analysis to define specifications to establishing technological path incoordination with the workshop engineers where the prototype manufactured However MUE through reverting to state of the art techniques in exacting the material analysis specifications and treatments subjected to, as nondestructive evaluations such as acoustic emission and stress wave monitoring, holographic imaging, oil debris analysis, chemical composition and analysis and use of electron microscope arrived to conclusions that will enhance the endurance of the blade by applying certain modifications.
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