infrastructure project

Under an LTA umbrella, MUE Group provided consultancy services for the UNDP-Iraq and WFP for relieving struggling communities after war and famine, services included:
• Basic and Detail designs: issuance of engineering designs for various infrastructure projects, in accordance with International Standards, Tender Requirements and local authorities’ requirements.

Tender support and contract review: provide assistance in drafting tender documents, inviting qualified companies, short listing , proposal analyses and final contract negotiations.
• Training and capacity building, typically provided for end user’s engineers and technicians (Civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control)

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I. Potable water supply assessment report Assessment of the as built state of potable water supply network, sewage network and other services afforded by municipality for four cities in Basrah country (Al-Shuaiba, Khor Al-Zubair, Safwan and Umm Qasr). Issuance for basic and detail design for new WTP, WWTP and solid waste management system. All capacities were worked out according to W.H.O. guidelines.
III. Inspection and Laboratory testing for the hospital’s terrazzo tiles in accordance with the method of testing according to international standards.
IV. Technical Inspection and Witness Testing at Tikrit Hospital of several networks and equipment Including Complete technical inspection and testing of 2 boiler units and 2 bed lifts at the hospital, 2010
V . Basrah Children’s Hospital Owner engineer reviewing designers’ deliverables and site inspection of implemented roads assessment and issuance of corrected designs and methodology statement to rehabilitate the implemented roads and parks supervision of rehabilitation…etc, 2010-2011.
VI.Emergency Design and Supply connect to grid , commissioning and putting into service of 33/11.5 kV mobile substation 1X16 in Al-Alam/Tikrit.
VII. Rehabilitation of the electrical distribution network of Umm Qasr town Design New Network, Technical supervision all through out the erection, energizing of the sub and complete system, Hand over of operational network, Approved all payment certificates to contractors and variation orders.
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