• Inspection & Assessment for Al-Zahra GTPP - Tripoli, Libya

Complete Designs for Power Plants, Power Generation, Power Distribution in Iraq and The Middle East

MUE Group has designed over 14 Power Plants in the region.......

  • Halfaya Oil Field - CPF1

Designs and PMC for Oil & Gas Projects, SAFOP, HAZOP, FEED engineering, in Iraq and the Middle East

Sample Oil & Gas related projects undertaken by MUE Group:
A. Construction & later in time Rehabilitation of Desorber Process Units with capacity of 250,000 B/D.....
B. Development of Halfaya Oil Field, working as PMC in conjunction with a German consultancy firm for 1st stage of....
  • AL-Karama WTP

Provision of Engineering Consultancy for the UNDP in Iraq

Sample Infrastructure projects undertaken by MUE Group:
A. Emergency rehabilitation of Al-Karama Water Treatment Plant, Line 1
B. Reverse Osmosis units in Southern Iraq
  • Bridge Crane

MUE Group is engaged in procurement activities of complete electrical & mechanical systems from leading OEM’s worldwide for the power and oil sector, among of which the following systems were procured:

Sample Industrial Plants undertaken by MUE Group, such as Soda Ash Plants, Date Syrup Plant, Caustic Soda Plant, Liquid Sugar Plant, Dies for Refrigerators

  • R&D

Research and Development activities carried by the group:

  • Training & Workshops

Training and Workshops provided by the group for clients and other third parties