6- Research & Development

  • R&D

Research: Initiating a bearing plate material for Volkswagen for the then next generation of vehicle engines:

The requested material had to be of powder metallurgy (P/M) and it had to meet the following criteria:

  1. The new cylinder pressure of 3000 bar.
  2. High tensile strength.
  3. Reproducibility within (2%).

During July 2000 our specimens tested at TÜV in Germany revealed the highest results. Among the competitors were German and other European firms. 12 sets were manufactured for testing in ICE test laboratory.


Designing and Manufacturing a 1 KW (Solid State) AM transmitter prototype:

The prototype tests were successful to the full designed specifications.

On December 1999, the group received a letter of intent from the Ministry of Culture and Information – Iraq, expressing its willingness to contract for total quantity of 100 units of the transmitter.