5- Industrial Plants

1. Soda Ash Plant:
Basic and detail engineering design for 30-T/day capacity soda ash plant, the solvy method was used. The contract included the preparation of the tender documents for supply and construction bidders.
Engineering activities included all disciplines requested to complete the job (mechanical … piping, fire fighting system, equipment data sheets, tanks detail design, piping isometrics), (chemists and chemical engineers basic design P&ID, PFD, mass transfer, heat balance, sizing of main equipment), electrical engineering power distribution, cable sizing, routing, & controls & civil engineering designs.
Client: UAE and Jordanian Company.

2. Date Syrup Plant:
A contract was won by the company to design, manufacture, install and operate 8 ton/day date syrup plant it was and still the only factory in Iraq to use vacuum concentration method which resulted in maintaining complete nutritional value, special texture and honey like colour syrup.
Client: Al-Fayhaa Company.
Project operated since 1994.

3. Caustic Soda Plant:
Complete detail design of unit 58, which is part of the central refinery of Iraq, capacity 10 ton/day.
Client: Ministry of Oil & Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

4. Liquid Sugar Plant:
Basic and detail design for pilot plant and 5 ton/day plant. Liquid sugar is extracted from dates. Pilot plant operative since 1996.

5. Dies for Refrigerators and Cookers Parts:
(45) Dies for the mass production of different parts of refrigerators and cookers which are manufactured in Iraq. These parts were designed and manufacturing was supervised by our engineers.
Client: Ministry of Industry and Minerals.