4- Procurement, Installation and MTCE

  • Bridge Crane


  1. Complete 132 KV switchyard.
  2. Natural gas handling and feeding systems with compressors
  3. Gas oil handling and feeding systems.
  4. Heavy fuel oil treatment plants.
  5. Cooling systems
  6. Water and waste water treatment plants
  7. Plant control systems.
  8. Power transformers up to 200 MVA and auxiliary transformers
  9. 132 KV circuit breakers
  10. Firefighting equipment.
  11. Different systems, equipment, material and specialized apparatuses, MEMS & Nano based cooling liquids…to mention a few

Equipment Installation and MTCE Background:

The Group has a division, which deals with installation and MTCE of equipment as in the following:

  1. Medical/Nuclear equipment installation and MTCE.
  2. Medical/Nuclear General lab equipment installation and MTCE.
  3. Analytical apparatuses installation and MTCE.
  4. Metallurgy lab equipment installation and MTCE.
  5. Special equipment (such as Gama cells, pharmaceutical kit production equipment) installation and MTCE.

Our staff originally worked in this field came mainly from the previous engineering firms which were dissolved earlier; this staff is well trained in:

  1. Electro-Mechanical equipment.
  2. Microelectronics.
  3. Vacuum systems.
  4. Control instrumentation.
  5. Computers (Hardware & Software).
  6. Measuring devices.