3- Main Infrastructure Projects

  • AL-Karama WTP
  • Capacity Building for Client's Personnel
  • Abu Al-Khaseeb RO Unit
  • RO Unit Foundation
  • fallujah bridge before & after - website layout

A. Emergency rehabilitation of Al-Karama Water Treatment Plant, Line 1
Complete rehabilitation and renovation of Al-Karama Water Treatment facility line 1, increased line reliability and increase capacity by 15% up to 2000 M3/hr - 2009.

B. Reverse Osmosis units in Southern Iraq
Design, execution and installation of R.O Units in Khor Al Zubair city, Safwan city, Abu Al Khaseeb city, Umm Qasr city and hospital, with all accessories such as Well pumps, Piping, Transformer, Generator, Controls….etc.

C. Infrastructure Systems and Environmental Assessment report
Assessment of the present potable water supply, sewage plants, solid waste management and other services for four cities in Basrah governorate (Al-Shuaiba, Khor Al-Zubair, Safwan and Umm Qasr). The study included future plans for implementing all such services manifested in issuing Basic Designs compatible to W.H.O. requirements - 2006-2008.

D. Distribution Point (DPs)
Design, supply, construction and installation of water distribution points for the distribution of potable water to the inhabitants of Umm Qasr, Safwan, and Khor Al-Zubair towns in Basrah governorate, Iraq - 2007.

E. Operation Theaters at Umm Qasr Hospital
Turn-key design and construction of two operation theatres in Umm Qasr hospital – 2006.

F. Evaluation of the requirements for Rehabilitation of 33 kV new Umm Qasr - Safwan line
Evaluation of the requirements and cost estimations for the rehabilitation of the 33kV line – 2006.

G. Capacity building and related installation in Basrah
Design, supervision on construction and project management of installations related to the capacity building in the governorate of Basrah – 2010-2011.

H. Rehabilitation of Umm Qasr electrical network
Design of new network, supervision on erection and putting into operation the new electrical network of Umm Qasr, 2005-2006.

I. Complete Designs for 4 new GIS Substation in Iraq
Provision of complete designs for 4 new 132/33 kV SubStations in (AlMosul South, Bartella, Samarra South and Ramadi West) under Alstom, for MoE/Iraq.

J. Technical Inspection and Witness Testing at Tikrit Hospital
Complete technical inspection and testing of 2 boiler units and 2 bed lifts at the hospital, 2010.

K. Falluja Mothers & Children hospital Consultancy Services
Inspection and Laboratory testing for the hospitals terrazzo tiles in accordance with the method of testing stipulated by UNDP

L. Basrah Children’s Hospital 3rd Party Inspection
3rd party consultancy for the Roads & Parking areas for the BCH, works included situation assessment, recommendations and recovery report, supervision of maintenance…etc, 2010-2011.