2. Main Oil & Gas Projects

  • Halfaya Oil Field - CPF1
  • Halfaya Oil Field - Power Plant
  • Halfaya Oil Field -  MUE and site staff - IPS openning ceremony
  • Halfaya Oil Field -  Piping and Flare
  • EBS Oil Field - Desalter Unit Installation
  • EBS Oil Field - Desalter Unit Piping modification
  • EBS Oil Field - PMC
  • EBS Oil Field - PMC
  • EBS PMC 2020
A. Construction & later in time Rehabilitation of Desorber Process Units with capacity of 250,000 B/D in the capacity of Owner engineer. Main contractor Foster Wheeler.
B. Jambur/Bai Hassan oil field Design and Construction of the degassing station.
C. K1 Pump station rehabilitation, total capacity 1.4 Million B/D.
D. Al-Dora refinery rehabilitation in the after math of 1991 War.
E. Fao exporting manifold redesign to enable exports from Fao peninsula. This project included revamping design for old exporting facilities; design work also included new pipeline for exporting crude oil through FAO terminal as well as new designs for firefighting system. Client: Iraqi and Russian Company.
F. IT2 pumps station (on the Iraqi-Turkish line) rehabilitation.
G. Baiji refinery rehabilitation. in the after math of 1991 War.
H. Development of Halfaya Oil Field, working as PMC in conjunction with a German consultancy firm for 1st stage of the development (2011-2012), Halfaya oil field proven reserves 4.1 Billion Barrels, the development targets increase of productivity to around 500,000 B/D
I. Provision of PMC Services for EBS (East Baghdad South) Surface Facilities, 2019-2020
J. Installation, Assembly and Connecting the EPF (Early Production Facility) unit at EBS Oil Field/S2 (capacity 15,000 BPD)