1- Main Projects for Power Generation Plants

  • Inspection & Assessment for Al-Zahra GTPP - Tripoli, Libya
  • Al Rasheed GTPP May 2010
  •  Al-Adaim HPP - Irrigation Outlet Rehabilitation - Sep. 2013
  •  Buzurgan GTPP - Power Transformer Installation - Jun 2013
  • Najaf GTPP - April 2013
  • Al-Adaim Dam - Irrigation Outlet first trial commissioning - 19.03.2014

A. Complete basic and detail designs for Dibis Gas Turbine Power Plant (160 MW x 2, total 320 MW) in Iraq in 2006.

B. Complementary basic design and full detail designs of Al-Adaim Hydro Power Station in Iraq (total capacity 27 MW). And the complete Rehabilitation of Al-Adaim Dam’s Irrigation System - 2013.

C. Complete basic designs for a Thermal power plant of 200 MW x 2, total 400 MW in Syria, Tishreen Power Plant, 2008.

D. Conceptual design and Bid documents preparation for a 260 MW Hydro Power Plant in Turkey (Al-Kumru Power Plant & Boyabat HPP), 2008.

E. Conceptual designs and Bid Documents for Thermal Power Plant in Syria 2 x 200 MW, ALZARA Power Plant, 2009.

F. Conceptual design and bid documents preparation for 2x160 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant in Syria, Banias Power Plant, 2009.

G. Conceptual and Basic Design for Aleppo Power Plant 2x300 MW. Works stopped due to local conflicts in Syria

H. Complete Basic and Detail design for Al-Rasheed GTPP (2×SGT 800 Siemens Gas turbines) for Vitzrosys co. of South Korea (March 2009)..

I. Conceptual and Basic design and complete technical & commercial bid documents preparation for adding a Combined Cycle power plant to an existing (8 x GE frame 9E GT), Arbeel, 2011

J. Complete Basic and Detail engineering designs for Al-Buzurgan GTPP (Pratt & Whitney Gas Turbines) 2011-2013

K. Complete Basic and Detail designs for Al-Najaf GTPP (Alstom Gas Turbines) 2011-2012. Plant was  commissioned February 2013

L. Complementary Engineering Design Work proceeded by diagnostic activity for assessing the design status for a GE Frame 9E 4x125 MW Haydariya GTPP in Iraq. – December 2014.

M. Several DPPs (Diesel Power Plants) with different capacities with multi-fuel capabilities.

N. Awarded 2x300 MW TPP for complete Basic and Detail Design, expected contract Jan 2015

O. Design, Manufacture & supply of trailer mounted 33/11.5 kV mobile substation 1X16 in Tikrit along with necessary fittings and spare parts for 5 years for Salahdeen Electricity Directorate, Iraq – January 2016

P. Design review/comment and recommendations for approval of electromechanical engineering Design documents and drawings of Rumaila – Basrah 1500 MW combined cycle power plant stage 1 including 400 kV –AIS substation and DCS interface – March 2016

Q. Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of 10 Mobile Substations (132/33) kV /31 .5 MVA, (132/11) kV /25 MVA with Spare Parts for Diyala & Salah Al-Din in Iraq, by the World Bank – October 2016.

R. Engineering designs for the replacement/rehabilitation of 4 frame 5 Gas Turbines and Generators at Hilla GTPP – February 2017

S. Engineering designs for the replacement/rehabilitation of Eight (8) GE Frame 5 Gas Turbines and Generators at South Baghdad GTPP – March 2017

T. Construction, Installation, Testing and Parial Engineering for Al-Adala 132/33 kV GIS Substation in Iraq for ABB - 2020-2021

U. Construction, Installation and Testing for Boob Al-Sham 132/33 kV GIS Substation in Iraq for ABB - 2021-2022

V. Inspection and Assessment for Al-Zahra GTPP in Tripoli, Libya - 2021